Somewhere In This Picture was awarded 5 STARS by Readers' Favorite!

"Somewhere in This Picture by P. S. Reyes is a young adult fantasy that will keep you invested from the moment you pick this novel up till the end."

"This is the kind of book you could easily see as a Pixar movie... Fans of books like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland will love Somewhere In This Picture by P. S. Reyes."

"...I can only really compare to the likes of Lewis Carroll for its strange beginnings and non-linear narrative moments. ...characters [are] exceedingly well developed, and leaping off the page in living color in a truly cinematic style."

"You will love this book if you enjoy quirky and interesting characters, a sophisticated plot, and a fun world to navigate."

"...the psychological undertones are very much a part of what makes the plot unique in the fantasy genre... The world of IGEFO might remind you of Pratchett’s Discworld but with its own political, scientific, and cultural issues."

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He just wanted to have some tea after his bath. But as he stepped out of his tub, the world

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