Enter to the High Speed Air Express and I'll meet you there.

Join the author and his merry band of characters—Ivy, Bodkin, Mim and Clarty, plus a shipload of strange folks—in their journey to—well, who knows where. The fog is thick but stay long enough and you'll see the patterns behind the mist. You might even find yourself wandering in a hidden place inside a hidden world and, by chance, also find there the missing Other girl.

Going home, though, might be a bit difficult.

Some describe the style as "literary nonsense"—but can one really tell if it's of the literary kind? This story is actually written for tourists. Take a break from your speed-reading habits and instead squeeze in between Ivy and Mim on the flying broomstick of imagination. Enjoy the view, feel the wind, and don't forget to take a selfie once in a while.

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He just wanted to have some tea after his bath. But as he stepped out of his tub, the world

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